Set within the halls of the Centro Filologico Milanese, "Notebook Fantasies" invites you to step into the world of youthful imagination.
    The campaign immortalizes the dreams that dance through the mind of a teenager amidst an ordinary studying afternoon at the library.
    Fotography Tommaso Montenesi Posch
    Video Tullio Grani
    Art Direction Diego Putto
    Styling Luca Paolantonio
    Sound Flux by Uchiha
    Hair Sergio Sorbello
    Make-Up Greta Ceccotti
    Production and Consulting The Harvest Consulting
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  2. FALL WINTER 2023

    FALL WINTER 2023

    This year we teamed up with Forgotten Architecture and NERO Editions for the second edition of the party celebrating the release of the book, and we did so in the most iconic building among those mapped throughout the volume. A unique, disruptive, avant-garde work, the Casa Albero designed in the 1960’s by Giuseppe Perugini, Uga De Plaisant and Raynaldo Perugini in Fregene has become an icon of experimental architecture. The House materializes the architect’s architectural thought: an open reflection between habitable spaces and surrounding environments. The central structure, called the Tree House, is made up of different materials such as glass, raw concrete and steel. This building boasts a modular system of plates and frames designed to be “unfinished”, and therefore infinitely replicable. The basic concept behind the Experimental House is in fact the continuous modification of the environments and their perennial expansion: the floors multiply within a single space where there are glass sheets interspersing the concrete surfaces. Not dividing walls therefore, but real modular differences in level which accentuate the dichotomy between the stability of the housing block and its perennial transformation. After the death of the architect Perugini, followed by that of his wife, the house was frequented less and less by the family, the building began to suffer the passage of time, neglect and acts of vandalism have they damage interiors and exteriors.
However, just recently, the restoration of a part of the house was completed; furthermore, a process aimed at fully valorising the complex was undertaken. The objective is to make the House accessible and usable for cultural initiatives compatible with the building.

    Fotography Giorgio Cassano
    Styling Luca Paolantonio
    Video Tullio Grani
    Production The Harvest Consulting
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  3. Né della Luce, né del Buio

    Né della Luce, né del Buio

    Yesterday I brought my flashlight to the office to show it to my colleagues, and it turned to be vital after midnight.
    Photography Tommaso Montenesi Posch
    Styling Luca Paolantonio
    Film-making Tullio Grani
    Text Diego Papetti
    Creative Direction Tommaso Montenesi, Luca Paoloantonio, Diego Papetti
    Hair and Makeup Noemi Auetasc
    Consulting and Production The Harvest
    Casting Tuono Casting
    Models Jesenija, Kim, Yong
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